Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kimera 1/2

This is the Comic I once thought to create, it is called Kimera 1/2.

I thought of this story on the time of agua bendita and luna mystica but Time Stranger Kyoko is also an inspiration...

The story is a girl named Kimera who had no body but her sister has, apparently her sister also named Kimera absorbed what is supposed to be her body in the womb.

Her sister reminded her that she will die if she used her body.

Kimera wanted to try having a body so she borrowed her sister’s body and met the one she loved since she was a child and told him that she loved him, her love also said that she loved him.

Kimera was happy and told her sister that she is happy to have tried being human and having told the man she loved that she loves him, she flies to heaven.

Kimera’s lover waited for decades...he loved Kimera so much even if he just met her one day he met a girl and told her to look at him it turns out that she is the reincarnation of Kimera.. 

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