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Alternate History: Plantagenets in Sicily

Plantagenets in Sicily
On 1241, Eleanor of Brittany decides to escape from England, she knew that she still had the chance to have vengeance so she sneakingly left the convent and left England to ask for people to help her in her own cause which caused instability in England, Eleanor of Brittany was received by the court of Louis IX of France .
On 1253, Edmund the Crouchback was the Heir of Henry III of England’s claim to Sicily. At about this time he was also made Earl of Chester, Edmund  goes to Italy to act on his claims to the Sicilian throne, which was a very long journey and he tried to claim the Sicilian throne in 1260 after Manfred became the regent of the Sicilian throne for Conradin  ,he wanted the hand of the daughter of Manfred but seeing his daughter, changed his mind, he will be instead will make Manfredi’s Sicily and England allies in order to get an an ally against france because of the prospective marriage, Edmund decided to go to the court of Manfred of Sicily and help him and turn him into an english ally and marry his daughter in order to get a more legitimate claim to the throne of Sicily other than what  is sold to his own father, Edmund initially thought Constance was just a ticket for him to be the King of Sicily but he later saw Constance that she was the perfect wife for him and fell in love with her and later on, Constance returned the love of Edmund who cherished her for the rest of her life, Henry III declares new reforms and reconciles with Simon of Monfort.

In July 23 1261, Constance of Sicily marries Edmund, the son of the English King, Henry III, Constance gave birth to a son named Alfonso in October 12, 1262 in Castel del Monte in Naples which was widely celebrated by the people and they became heavily armed by bodyguards from England and Gascony which were sent by Henry III to accompany him. 
1265 because of this he waged war against Manfred but his son in law, Edmund intervened in 1265 and helped Manfred in keeping Sicily and with him are English knights that were sent as body guards and mercenaries in his journey to Sicily, the force of the English Army and Sicilian Army of Edmund and Manfred defeated the forces of the Old Charles of Anjou (who was a contender to the Sicilian throne because he was assigned by the Pope to be the King of Sicily) and made them retreat out of Napoli and Edmund was proclaimed to be the heir of the King Manfred of Sicily and made a negotiation with Pope Innocent IV to recognize him as the future King of Sicily which the Pope accepted promptly after the expulsion of Charles of Anjou. 
In 1266, Charles of Anjou went back to Provence where he will continue to rule with his own wife but he will be known for his own failure to keep Sicily under the rule of the Angevins and this creates a bad reputation for the Capetians which the Plantagenets are taking advantage of at the moment and Henry III insulted when he met Louis IX when he paid homage to him for Aquitaine because of their loss in the throne of Sicily and boasts about the pride and glory of the Plantagenets and he said that Sicily is now a Plantagenet domain and they now and he also said that the Plantagenets will also make as good Kings of France which angered the Saintly King Louis IX and Louis IX told Henry III about how bad they had treated Eleanor of Brittany who was the rightful queen of England and how much she suffered but Henry III said that Eleanor of Brittany was a traitor, the bitterness between the Capetians and the Plantagenets resume because of this and the Plantagenet presence in Sicily worsened this event for the Capetians, Edmund and the Pope had decided to give the Duchy of Spoleto to Conradin instead in order to avoid any conflict between Edmund and Conradin and also because Edmund needed allies not any enemies.

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