Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Why Humans rebel and destroy nature instead of caring for it

Why Humans rebel and destroy nature instead of caring for it
I really wanted to talk about Abortion, Adoption, Transsexuality, GMO and the destruction of our own environment, I really believe that many humans nowadays hate themselves and their surroundings which destroys nature, yes humans tend to do that they destroy nature because they had themselves and they hate what is given to them.
First, I need to talk about Transsexuality, I admit that I used to want to be a girl when I was young because I felt that it would be cool to be a girl but I realized that being a boy would be cool as well now I don’t hate myself and I am proud as a man although I am quite effeminate but it is okay and it does not make me less a man either I no longer have a dislike on my own gender, some people want to invent a way to change genders and be able to reproduce in their own desired gender, I believe that is absurd and it will hurt nature and will destroy humanity as it is so you need to accept yourself as who you are and not transition as who you are not and don’t be bound to gender roles either and love who you want to love.
Adoption and Abortion destroys children and their identity are not solutions, they are a way to escape parenthood because of crisis and parental dysphoria, the true solution is to care for your children, feed them and treat them well and shape them as better persons not abandoning them due to crisis and parental dysphoria due to something that their children have nothing to do with because of this parental dysphoria many children are now homeless and because of the children that are adopted from parents that are there is a demand for more children that children from loving families are kidnapped.
The destruction of our environment and GMO’s are a result of our dysphoria with the food we eat, we modify the organisms that should not be modified in a way like by Gene Splicing it is okay to breed organisms but to splice their genes to create new organisms will damage wild life if they breed with the wild animals, that will destroy the environment as well. 

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