Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Against Income Taxation

Why I believe that Income Tax needs to be abolished, I believe that Income Tax needs to be abolished is because Taxes make the people burdened and they are forced to give money to the people when they don't want to give and I believe Income Taxation is theft, another is why should we give something when we don't really consent, I believe we should give something when we really consent to give it so I believe Income Taxation is theft and should be abolished.
I think people who need housing should be the ones that should pay the housing funds not some people who don't want to get a new house actually I am not just against Income Taxation but all the unnecessary bills that are given by the government, I believe in Sales Tax and not in Income Taxation or other bills, I believe that the Income Taxation in the Philippines is opressive especially to the middle classes because it takes away 32 percent of income which is really consented.
I believe that the government should never give unnecessary bills to the common people but rather take from the businesses.

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