Sunday, August 12, 2012

Something that I realized reading the histography of Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia

I read history on Wikipedia regarding Brunei and other sources based on the historiography of Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia and it appears that this is the truth about the ties of Brunei and "Luzon" and the treachery of Lakandula.

"Luzon" or Selurong is a dejure property of the Sultanate of Brunei because it was a fief and area of influence of Brunei that was sold to the Spanish without permision and also Brunei never gave it up on a treaty so it being occupied by the Spanish for 320 more or less years, later american occupation and the treaty of Paris and being part of the Philippines is still illegal but the people of Luzon are not aware of this and if they stumbled about this they don't take this seriously but this is the truth and there are still things in "Luzon" or Selurong that are tie it to Brunei and Borneo like the Burnay Jars in Vigan, Ilocos Sur..
This means Scarborough Shoal and Batanes are not parts of the Philippines de jure but are dejure a part of Brunei not China or Taiwan.

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