Friday, August 10, 2012

Three Computer Games I recommend for History buffs

Europa Universalis III
This game is very nice, I played it for a very long time and its latest expansion’s duration is from 1390 to around 1800’s, Europa Universalis III is a very nice game and I think history buffs will enjoy this. Europa Universalis III also has Japan fragmented on its current expansion which is Divine Wind.
Europa Universalis III divine wind has a nice look in it and it look similar to Victoria and Crusader Kings II and I love it because Divine Wind is more historically accurate compared to the previous incarnations of Europa Universalis III.

Crusader Kings II
I am considering to write an AAR for this Video Game, I really like Crusader Kings II because of its historical accuracy and also Crusader King II is a better than the original Crusader Kings and it is based on the same engine and maps from Victoria.

Victoria II
I like the Music and the Historical accuracy in Victoria II. Victoria II is very cool and also very nice as a game and it’s map is the basis for the maps of EU3 divine wind and Crusader Kings II. 

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