Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rayearth 2 Anime and Tsubasa Ending similarities and A CLAMP Rant..

I think CLAMP prioritized the Anime version of Rayearth instead of the Manga version which ended up too rushed and sugar coated, which was basically Nanase Ohkawa's fault, she put things that were typically CLAMP in the anime which were lacking in the manga(I think Toshiki Hirano and Nanase Ohkawa made a good team) while CLAMP made both the anime and the manga open ended in some aspects, the anime had the relationships already sorted out in the end while the Manga just finished with the Magic Knights doing their mission, in fact I find the Ending of the Rayearth Anime very similar to the Ending of the Tsubasa RC Manga in fact the feeling was  the same, reading the last volume of TRC is like watching the last episode of Rayearth or Episode 49 for me later on they would do Card Captor Sakura which more suited the Magazine Nakayoshi, The anime Magic Knight Rayearth was a more typical of CLAMP while Rayearth Manga is similar to Card Captor Sakura in it's sweetness.  

I think if CLAMP had published the Rayearth Manga in another magazine than Nakayoshi it would have resembled the anime and would had been more detailed since CLAMP were just asked to create Rayearth but would have stopped in the part 1, after CLAMP stopped Gouhou Drug and X in Asuka they never published in a Shoujo Magazine anymore, I think they were tired of being controlled and preferred creative freedom which is understandable because they once self-published their works.

Since we are talking about the Anime Ending of Rayearth and the Manga Ending of Tsubasa, Clone Shaoran and Clone Sakura were absorbed by the Originals and Fei Wong Reed was defeated, the same thing basically happened on the Rayearth Anime where in Nova was absorbed by Hikaru and becomes the pillar and defeats Debonair and it is the same in the end because the relationships were already established but in a way also became open ended in some ways.

Here are the scene where Originals absorb the clones in the both series.

Rayearth Anime

Tsubasa Manga

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